Community Day will take place on June 20, 2021, the day before the regular sessions of the Communities and Technologies conference in Seattle. 

This is the first time that C&T is hosting Community Day. Its purpose is to encourage productive conversations in which academics and researchers directly interact with community members and activists about the tools they need and their views and experiences with technology. Community Day will be a day of mutual learning as both groups have specific useful knowledge and insights that the other group might not have. The idea is to help bring deeper understanding of the realities of communities and technologies by focusing on those issues as they are manifested in the host city.

Community Day should be of interest to anybody who is interested in community and its relation to technology. It should be of special interest to community organizers, social service and other professionals, community tech practitioners, journalists, educators, artists, activists, community managers, and all others with a stake in community life. Many issue areas are relevant but issues such as social justice, inclusion, democracy and misinformation, environmentalism, public health, homelessness and displacement, and labor rights are likely to be on the agenda.

The morning session will feature two panel discussions with community members about technology, excitement and opportunities as well as anxieties and problems. With this we hope to use this intersection to help build collaborations and visions for the future as well as helping to inform the participation in the afternoon session. 

The afternoon session will feature workshops and technology demonstrations conducted by C&T participants. These will be selected based on their perceived relevance, accessibility, and potential for strengthening community work. 

We anticipate that the audience mix among researchers / academics from the conference and people from the local area who are interested in civic technology to be approximately equal. 

Finally, it is our hope and intention to help move this work forward via our findings and our new relationships.

Hope to see you all at Community Day, June 20, 2021, in-person or virtually!


Please send any questions and inquiries to the Community Day chair:

Community Day Chair

  • Douglas Schuler, Professor Emeritus, The Evergreen State College, and Executive Director, Public Sphere Project